Karri Knowles
Craniosacral & Integrative Massage Therapy



      I enjoy and am passionate about working with the the healing principles of Craniosacral therapy, CST, (see tab to left for more info) and Massage, I see clients for full Massage, full Craniosacral or a blend of the two based on individual needs and requests. Essential oils and Organic oil blends are used in a soothing and relaxing environment where you can let go of daily tension.

Craniosacral Therapy helps release physical and emotional trauma in the body by gently getting to the root of the problem. It works on the principle that our body knows how to heal itself "homeostasis". Allowing this and simply holding space and assisting the body in unraveling these deeply imprinted traumas lead to... pain relief, increased mobility, deep sense of calm, better sleep and clarity of mind.

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Therapy for Wellness, Injury Rehabilitation, Pain management Or simply to set aside time for Blissful and Meditative Restoration.



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